Homemade Arcade Cabinet.

1-Click on the picture to get the plan.

2-The beginning... Wood is just cut. A special thank to Guillaume for helping me with carnivorous tools like living circular saw ;-)

3- The first painting.Black and yellow colours were choosen to be near the pacman original arcade cabinet. 

4-Valentine paints the blue background, reminding Bombjack's cycling colors. Valentine uses mask to have very nice limit between blues. A white border has been paint too. 

5-Added sound boomer, little blue background, and a brand new X-arcade joystick !

6-Added famous arcade heroes taken from flyers: Mr Do, Bubble Bobble, Solomon, Donkey Kong, Dragon's lair hero, and Ghost n goblins knight. All was done with little 'Moyen': Color printing on simple paper at work, sticked on wood with paper glue. Nice result ;-)

7-Added black bands on arets. Little detail changing a lot of things, for the final result, running MAME. Some changes may occur, pictures will be updated too.