What's new: 06 Oct 2007, OldSpark-C++second public release.

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OldSpark C++ is a complete rewrite of my Java Oldspark emulator. It's a multi arcade emulator written with C++and based on the SDL. This open source emulator is released under GPL. See License.txt for more information about the license. The emulator is available for Linux, and Windows. At this stage, the emulator is a command line application. It should not be a problem for people looking for nostalgia :)

What's new: Modify Solomon, Pacman and mspacmab drivers to handle latest mame romsets (thanks to neoforma from CAESAR to point this out). Correct a bug that cause Ponpoko driver to end with segmentation fault. Add a tiny driver that inherits from solomon, to handle japanese version of solomon key.

What's emulated:

-Z80 cpu.
-M6809 cpu.
-SN76489 signal generator.
-AY-3-8910 signal generator.
-Namco Sound wave generator.
-Multiple 76489 sound board.
-Z80 driven multiple AY-3-8910 sound board.
-Z80 driven multiple SN76489 sound board.

Video filters (2x):

-nn2x (nearest neigboorh).

Suported games(13):

pacman.zip puckman.zip eyes.zip mrtnt.zip jumpshot.zip ponpoko.zip mspacmab.zip vanvan.zip
galaxian.zip zigzag.zip piranha.zip lizwiz.zip solomon.zip mikie.zip

Here are few screenshots:


OldSpark C++:
Source code (353Ko).
Linux build: (119ko).
Windows build (285Ko).