OpenGL Dev-C++ (win32) / Linux GCC stuff.

This file contains source code for 3D OpenGL stuff. This should compile fine under GCC / Linux (with simple makefile modification) and with Bloodshed Dev-C++ IDE. You can download this excellent opensource windows IDE / compilation suite (based on GCC) from this URL:

Some part of code are derivative from NeHe tutorials. If you are interested in OpenGL programming, you HAVE to visite NeHe Production:

Here is my first openGL program: Rotating torus, with shading. Sources contains 4x4 Matrix computation class, a class to generate mathematically a torus with its normals. FPS calculation is not very accurate here.

Grab the source (10ko) here.

Here, i played with openGL blending and texturing functions. Source contains primitive bmp loader, an accurate timing routine using rdtsc pentium instruction, and a Linux makefile. Source file is bigger due to bmp image included.

Grab the source (158ko) here.

Here, i add a primitive camera class, with set position and lookat methods. Timing class and bmp loader are present in sources. Scene represents a room, with a few crates rotating on their location. OpenGL stack matrix operations are used. Source file is big due to included textures.

Grab the source (437ko) here.

Here,i wrote code to load Greg hood's simple ascii triangle format containing vertices list, with their normals. Camera, timing class and bmp loader are present in sources. Source file is big due to included object ascii file.

Grab the source (143ko) here.

Here,i wrote code that load bmp file with the bmp loader. Picture is used as heightfield to generate a smooth terrain. I use here openGL light, with nice shininess parameters :-).

Grab the source (14ko) here.

This one is just a modification of the previous one. Normal have been averaged, and i use 4 normals per quad instead of 1. The render is really nicer and seems very smooth on a single color terrain.

Grab the source (14ko) here.

Grab the w32 exe (228ko) here.

This one is still based on the previous one. I add a spinner turning on the map, following the height. Interest relies on the collision detection. Code source contains a Vector class for collision math.

Source + w32 exe (196ko) here.